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The occupier of the property is responsible for payment of water, drainage and sewerage charges. These charges apply when a supply of water is available to your property, regardless of whether or not:

  • You use the supply
  • The wastewater from your property drains either directly or indirectly into a public sewer
  • It benefits from any facilities that drain into a public sewer

We calculate the water, drainage and sewerage charges using the amount recorded by your water meter, plus any standing charges.

We calculate sewage charges based on the assumption that a certain percentage of the water you consume will end up as waste.

We will aim to read your meter at least once a year. If we are unable to read your meter, your bill will be an estimation based on your average consumption.

If you receive an estimated bill, ring us on 02920 028 711 and tell us your correct meter reading. Or you can write the actual reading on the bill and send it back. We then will send you a replacement bill.

Water Standing Charges

The water standing charge is calculated on a daily basis and covers the cost of reading and maintaining your meter.

Sewage Water Standing Charge

You may have to pay the sewerage standing charge if the wastewater from your property drains into a public sewer or benefits from any facilities that drain into a public sewer. This charge covers the cost of maintaining the drainage system and the disposing of rainwater due to surface water run-off.

Surface water drainage is where rainwater is removed from properties.

Most rainwater falling on properties drains in to public sewers owned by the water company. Your surface water drainage charge covers the cost of taking this water from your property and discharging the water to a treatment facility or local watercourse or river. However, there are some properties where surface water does not drain into the public sewer, for example, properties whose surface water may drain to a soakaway or via a private drain directly to a stream or river. If you think your property does not drain via a public surface water sewer then you may be able to claim a reduction in your sewerage charges.

Please see our FAQs on the above, after which you may wish to submit a Surface Water Charge Rebate Form.

Volumetric Charges

Volumetric Water

The water meter measures how much water you use in order to calculate this part of the charge.

Volumetric Sewerage

We assume that a certain percentage of the water you consume will not return to our sewers (for example, water used for drinking and cooking).

So in order to calculate this charge, we apply our volumetric sewerage tariff to the percentage of water (as recorded by your meter) that will end up as waste.

Refund Policy

You have the right to cancel this service within seven days of the commencement of your contract with us or use of our services. If you do cancel your order, you will have your payment returned. If you have used the services this will be taken account of as part of our refund and cancellation policy.

For refund or cancellation, please note that you need to contact us via our website or 02920 028 711. Please be ready to quote your account and address details so that we can deal with your query efficiently.

We will respond to any request for a refund within 5 working days.