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We will send you a bill at least once a year, how often depends on your method of payment.
Payment is due 10 days after receipt unless you contact us to make alternative arrangements.

If you have any questions about your bill, or ways to pay it, phone us on 02920 028 711, and one of our Customer Service team will be happy to help you.

Monthly Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay, and cheaper, too!

  • Save £3.50 on your annual bill
  • Pay your bills on time without the hassle of having to remember
  • Spread the cost over the year
  • Get peace of mind with the Direct Debit Guarantee

How It Works

How It Works

Sign up for Direct Debit and we'll work out how much you need to pay each month. We'll review it at the end of the year and adjust your payments for the following year accordingly.

We guarantee that:

  • If an error is made by either us or your bank or building society, you will get a full and immediate refund
  • If we make an error during the handling of a Direct Debit or standing order payment, we will refund any financial loss or bank charges incurred
  • We will notify you 10 working days in advance if the amount charged or the payment date needs to change

Other ways to pay your bill include:

  • Credit card
  • Cheque

You can also arrange to pay your bill in instalments by calling us on 02920 028 711.